"Let us make Malaria & Insect free homes."


About Us

MIL is private company established in Nigeria for over thirty years.

MIL manufactures various insecticides under their Insecticide Division and distributes various FMCG products under their Trading Division.

Insecticide Division

MIL have been manufacturing various brands of mosquito coils for over a decade and are now not only the largest producers in Nigeria but also in all of West Africa. MIL also sell other insecticides like Aerosols Insecticides, Rat Killers, Insect Chalk and Mosquito Bats, etc. MIL's head office is located in Lagos for sales/marketing and the factory is located Sango, Ota (Ogun State). MIL also has outlets in Kano, Aba, Onitsha & Ibadan. MIL also has a dealer network in almost every state in Nigeria making the company very suitable to distribute and market any FMCG products. It is the goal of this division to make homes malaria & insect free with our trusted and NAFDAC registered brands.

Trading Division

Under the Trading Division MIL also imports & distributes various items like Incense (Agarbattis), Bicycles, Stoves, Matches, Toothpastes & many other FMCG items. MIL also distributes a range of biscuits & cereals through their supermarket in Ogun State. Most of these brands are exclusively available at MIL in Nigeria. MIL's head office is located in Lagos for sales/marketing and the warehouse is located in Mushin.

MIL's marketing excellence has been recognised in various awards:

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